Emotionalize your brand with Custom-Balls
Make use of it for Euro 2024!

  • Fast completion, even for small quantities and special shapes, is our specialty.
  • Strong brands trust us. Allianz and FC Bayern Munich had the Squared Ball developed and produced by Rasenreich.
  • Outstanding value for money!
  • We are a Fair Trade certified importer and work with the best manufacturers in Pakistan and India. Sustainable production without child labor is important to us.

What are Custom Balls? 

  • Customizable balls.
  • Personalized with logo, colors, and your brand.
  • Showcase creativity and uniqueness.
  • There are hardly any limits to your messages, design, and shape.
  • Ignite the passion of your employees, customers, or stakeholders.

Custom balls are very meaningful for a variety of purposes:

  • Customized balls strengthen your brand identity
  • They contribute to igniting team spirit
  • You can express yourself artistically and spread your message to the world
  • They serve as gifts and memorabilia for special occasions
  • As promotional items, they attract attention and serve as an effective marketing tool
  • They can be used as motivational tools
  • You stand out from the crowd with your unique design
  • In team-building activities, they promote a communal and positive atmosphere

Achieve high performance for your brand and message with the help of Custom Balls!

Use Custom Balls as an effective tool for emotionalization and anchoring in:

  • Company events and team-building activities
  • Customer gifts
  • Sports sponsorship
  • Social sponsorship for special diversity projects
  • Promotional gifts and campaigns
  • Charitable events
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Trade shows and events
  • Motivational and training purposes
  • Gifts for children

Allianz SE and FC Bayern Munich Women have set an example:

  • Invention of the first cube-shaped “Soccer-Squared Ball”
  • Attention-grabbing as a provocative, artistic, and advertising object
  • Provocative messages about women’s soccer on each of the 6 ball sides
  • Recognition of the Allianz brand using the correct color and style guide
  • Occasion-specific promotional item with international impact

What cool ideas do you have for your Custom Balls?

You get the best Custom Balls only from us because:

  • You get high-quality and tested balls.
  • We have years of experience in ball development and production.
  • We are the only provider of balls that also offer non-round shapes.
  • With fine-tuning and quality assurance, we create exactly your ball.
  • You can creatively surpass yourself with us.
  • All products have a Fair Trade certification.
  • We are a strongly values-oriented company.

What cool ideas do you have for your Custom Balls?

When you use Custom Balls, you ensure:

  • Profound emotionalization
  • Inspiring messages for your cause
  • Initiating ignition as a brand ambassador
  • Relaxation and fun beyond the business context
  • Special outdoor activities and fresh air
  • A unique product that sticks
  • The strong anchoring of your brand

I want to learn more about the possibilities of Custom Balls!