Precision, power, and perfection through individual training with CORPUS!

Unleash all the potentials of your player with the help of CORPUS training equipment.

  • CORPUS is an irregular ball that otherwise meets all FIFA criteria.
  • It has a unique bouncing and rolling behavior.
  • It jumps in a controlled yet unpredictable manner.
  • It comes in different difficulty levels.
  • This constantly provokes and stimulates the player.
  • CORPUS can be easily integrated into any training drill.
  • The exercises follow the sequence: Soccer ball – CORPUS – Soccer ball.

If you regularly incorporate CORPUS into training,

  • Your player learns ball reception and ball control techniques more quickly and accurately.
  • He improves control with different parts of the foot.
  • He develops faster and more precise dribbling skills.
  • He perfects various shooting techniques, including volleys, angled shots, inside and outside of the foot, and especially passing.
  • He gains new motivation and increasing enjoyment in training.

Make the difference through your training!

Unleash all potentials through stimulation and provocation with the CORPUS:

  • Ball control develops more precise and consistent
  • Dribbling performance can double
  • Shooting technique refines and strengthens
  • Precision and speed in passing increase
  • The ability to overcome defenders improves continuously
  • Players become quicker in decision-making

The effectiveness of the training device CORPUS has already been proven in 3 studies

Make the difference in your individual training!

Turn your player into a mental giant!

  • He can focus and concentrate more effectively
  • His gained abilities boost confidence and mental strength
  • His resilience in pressure situations increases
  • Mental strength for tackling and duels intensifies
  • His game intelligence and creativity expand his options

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