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Fair Trade Certification

  • All RASENREICH products are Fair Trade certified and carry the Fair Trade logo.
  • The independent company FLOCERT annually verifies compliance with Fair Trade guidelines.
  • Production according to Fair Trade criteria ensures workers receive fair wages, regardless of world market prices.
  • Their children are allowed to attend school.
  • In addition, a premium is paid for social projects.

Furthermore, CEO Dirk Scheffer from Rasenreich was personally on-site and formed an independent impression.

The working conditions at Vision Technologies are exemplary

  • Human working and break times are contractually agreed upon and strictly enforced by supervisors.
  • Overtime requires prior approval from employees and, if approved, is compensated at double the hourly rate.
  • All employees receive a freshly cooked, nutritious lunch daily, and clean drinking water is readily available.
  • The company provides transportation for employees, picking them up and dropping them off daily.
  • Employees’ children attend local schools.
  • Stringent safety checks are part of the routine, and a sophisticated quality management system ensures high standards.
  • A dedicated cleaning team maintains cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

Vision Technologies is a role model in terms of cleanliness, safety, occupational health, quality management, and fair working conditions.

Packaging Department at Vision Technologies

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But RASENREICH is much more than a Fair Trade company!

CEO Dirk Scheffer himself at the sewing machine.

RASENREICH represents and lives the values:

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Equality
  • Equalpay

RASENREICH embraces sustainability

  • Sustainable production of all our products and services
  • Work-life balance through flexible working hours for our employees
  • Digital office – Paperless and resource-efficient for the environment
  • Business negotiations are always fair and on an equal footing
  • Business partners with unfair intentions or practices are not given a chance
  • We are involved in many social projects

CEO Dirk Scheffer and player Bakary Diakite (FC Mainaustraße)

Discover our fair, sustainable products!

FC Mainaustraße and Rasenreich

RASENREICH supports integration

  • We are the innovation sponsor of the first integration team from Munich: FC Mainaustraße
  • We sponsor balls in matchball quality and with the special shape CORPUS
  • Our RASENREICH head coach offers regular, high-quality training
  • CEO, Dirk Scheffer, attends the games himself and cheers for his team
  • This year, the team achieved its first promotion

RASENREICH is for diversity

  • RASENREICH loves personalities and characters
  • We provide all people with their passion for sports with the best equipment
  • Employees find a meaningful task with us, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age, or handicap. The crucial factors are a human fit and quality
  • We are members of einsmehr e.V. – Association for people with Down syndrome
  • We sponsor the 1st Overweight Soccer League with our Fair-Trade balls

Team Heavy Kickers of the Overweight Soccer League with Fair-Trade balls from Rasenreich

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Certificate of the company network.

RASENREICH stands for Equality

  • We have an equal representation of men and women in the company
  • Employees receive equal pay regardless of gender
  • Every opinion and feedback are equally welcomed
  • All employees contribute their important part to the RASENREICH family
  • No one is more or less important based on their position

Collaborating with RASENREICH means saying YES to:

  • A fair, honest, and more humane world
  • High-quality products manufactured with dignity and Fair-Trade certification
  • Innovative services
  • Award-winning tools and methods
  • High ethical standards
  • Lived values, such as sustainability, diversity, and equality
  • Taking responsibility for this one world

European Training-Awards

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