The secret weapon in goalkeeper training

Unleash the full potential of your goalkeepers with the help of CORPUS

  • The CORPUS is an irregularly shaped ball that otherwise meets all FIFA criteria
  • It bounces in a controlled yet unpredictable manner
  • This significantly challenges and stimulates goalkeepers
  • The CORPUS can be easily integrated into any training or game format
  • The exercises follow the sequence: Soccer ball – CORPUS – Soccer ball

If you regularly incorporate CORPUS into your training,

  • you improve catching techniques at different heights and positions
  • enhance eye-foot and eye-hand coordination
  • refine footwork with agility and speed
  • improve reaction time
  • accelerate cognitive-coordinative abilities
  • expand possibilities for distributing the ball after a save
  • position your goalkeeper optimally for each game situation
  • train all relevant muscle groups

Make a difference in training!

The goalkeeper exercises with the CORPUS shape true champions:

  • Their self-confidence and concentration abilities grow
  • They develop a more comprehensive understanding of the game
  • Their mental strength keeps them focused in crucial moments
  • Their ability to quickly grasp new situations increases
  • Their athletic abilities continue to improve

What enthusiastic goalkeeper coaches say:

Get the best training equipment for modern goalkeeper training!

The future of goalkeeper training is now:

  • Goalkeepers perceive situations faster.
  • They react more effectively to shots from close and long distances. Goalkeepers anticipate the opponent’s intentions and react tactically.
  • They take effective control of defensive formations and strategies.
  • They react more calmly and prepared to corner kicks, free kicks, and penalty situations.
  • They become more successful in 1:1 duel situations.

I want goalkeeper training equipment that unleashes full potential!