Mastering challenges in sports

The world of sports is changing and facing new challenges. The demands on athletes and coaches in soccer are constantly increasing.

Most children and teenagers are distracted by social media, spending more time indoors than outdoors. When they gather to play soccer, it’s often on smooth grass surfaces that offer fewer training stimuli than the now scarce playing fields. The well-kept, manicured lawn makes everything visible and easily predictable. The direction, impact, and bounce of the ball are always foreseeable. This lack of impulsive, lively, and creative elements is evident.

At the same time, parents have high expectations for the didactic education of their children or teenagers, which they demand from coaches.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, training sessions and game times were canceled everywhere. Physical activity and the sports mindset had to take a back seat.

Sports need innovative ideas and approaches for coaches and players that are also fun and invigorate the game.

Rasenreich is an innovative sports equipment manufacturer and method specialist for stimulative sports training. Our product series CORPUS and the CORPUS method are used in soccer and all other sports to train #Reaction #Coordination #Concentration #ActionSpeed #DecisionMaking #SmallMuscles. In addition, CORPUS balls are used in prevention and rehabilitation.

What is special about the CORPUS?

The CORPUS and its reactions are unpredictable. Its behavior is different and more uncontrollable due to its shape compared to conventional balls. To play with it, players need to rethink, react faster, develop more creative ideas, be open to new things, and make fresher decisions. Additionally, the often neglected small muscles are trained in the process.

Proven quality for effective performance enhancement.

Practice studies, scientific research, and the European Training Award in GOLD prove how meaningful, effective, and performance-enhancing the use of CORPUS balls and the CORPUS method is. In addition, the stimulative training with CORPUS balls has a strong motivational effect.

Street soccer and freestyle

Street soccer and freestyle sports impose special requirements on the soccer ball. It must be more abrasion-resistant and have a better grip. For this purpose, we have developed the MEMENTO ball. When it comes out of production, it resembles a car or bicycle tire because the surface is specially rubberized. Powerful for street soccer players and freestylers.

#StreetSoccer #Freestyle #MEMENTO #SoccerBall

How CORPUS revolutionizes soccer training

CORPUS ensures a drastically increased level of difficulty. CORPUS is treated like a round soccer ball but presents the player with unfamiliar situations, mastering which significantly improves ball-handling skills and leads to crucial advantages in tournament play. Both versions achieve the same effect but exhibit different playing characteristics. Switching between the forms is essential to prevent habituation effects.

I use Rasenreich CORPUS to improve the reaction speed and coordination of my players. I have been observing the market for training equipment for years, and I am not aware of a comparable product.

Direct Passing Skill

Precise, direct passing is a good way to escape the opponent’s pressure.

Ball Reception

Ball reception is crucial. It should be completed with the “first touch.”

Ball Control

Keep the ball as close to your foot as possible, and you shouldn’t always have to look at the ball.

Before/After Tests

Time measurements in the dribbling course make progress visible.

Fun and Motivation

Training with Rasenreich CORPUS not only improves reaction speed and coordination but also adds fun to previously monotonously performed game and exercise forms.