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I use Rasenreich CORPUS to improve reaction speed and coordination skills of my players. I monitor the sports-equipment market for years, there is now comparable product out there.

Nikola Vidovic
Nikola VidovicAustria Wien, athletics coach first team

Rasenreich CORPUS efficiently improves eye/body coordination and increases the number of movement patterns players can apply even when highly stressed.

Markus Hoffmann
Markus HoffmannFC Basel, assistant coach first team

I love using CORPUS at Fox Soccer Academy. Training with CORPUS is fun and the girls and boys benefit from its integration: I see positive effects on concentration and coordination skills as well as the players have increased self esteem with the regular football.

Heinz Griesmayer
Heinz GriesmayerFox Soccer Academy, General Manager

After training with CORPUS, the players tend to attack the ball rather than waiting for it.

The players feel more comfortable, play faster and target the goal more often.

Scott Moody
Scott MoodySoccerFIT Academy, founder and coach

There are more and more teams efficiently putting lots of pressure on the other team in ball possession. I use Rasenreich CORPUS improving my player’s agility in order to enhance their ability to salve these high pressure situations.

Dominik Voglsinger
Dominik VoglsingerAmateur Football Support

One training device – Thousands of application options

Training with Rasenreich CORPUS improves coordination, technique and reaction skills. Field players and goalkeepers get physically and mentally challenged, enhancing motoric performance. Rasenreich CORPUS can be integrated efficiently in every training drill.


equals FIFA-size 5 in size and weight


Premium upper material for a perfect touch


Different shapes prevent accustoming


Perfect playability through well balanced radii


Complex stimuli for field players, goalkeepers and individual training sessions


Hand-stitched in Pakistan under fair working conditions